Small hand-held sculptures are the classics of balloon art. When done right, these pieces can make an impact. more...


Larger than life decorations can be created to bring excitement and vigor to your festivities. more...


From air-filled bracelets to full body costumes, the Ballusionist makes art that expands peoples' wardrobes. more...

Balloon Animals & Gifts

Your beloved wants a dozen roses. Your toddler can think of nothing better than a life-sized Batman statue. Your co-worker is dying to get a new car. Wouldn’t it be better if they were made of balloons?!?

You can create a custom piece of art for your business’ grand opening or just have the very best party favors in the history of party favors. A unique creation from the Ballusionist can be just what it takes to make your party ‘pop’! And if your event needs a special activity to give it life, you can even learn balloon twisting from our twisted balloon twister and make your own balloon art! The Ballusionist can show you how to make a balloon animal, balloon swords, and other works of balloon modeling.

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Balloon Arches & Decorations

Your guests’ eyes will pop like balloons when they walk into your Ballusionist-decorated party. Brian can create stunning balloon archways and architectural details, themed balloon sculptures, and even some extra ‘party guests’ in the form of life-sized balloon animals, balloon arch enemies, balloon buddies, and balloon monsters!

You can inflate your event to incredible proportions when you have the Ballusionist pump up the atmosphere with an elegant or a twisted balloon installation! He brings all the balloon supplies and and all the balloon magic. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

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Balloon Twisting Wearables

Drape yourself in luxurious balloon jewelry! Strap on your jet pack for adventures in the Great Wild Yonder! Arrive at a Hollywood event knowing for absolute sure no one else will be wearing the same outfit! The Ballusionist’s wearable balloon art is fun, surprising, and stunning!

Any event instantly transforms into a costume party with the Ballusionist on hand. This is no balloon animal kit; it’ll be a million times more interesting and much easier for you to shape! Loosen up a corporate function or take a birthday party from same-old to once-in-a-lifetime—in just a few seconds—with balloon wearables!

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